SEO Performance

We appear within the top 5 of Google. Our web site traffic from this is “Money in the Bank”! Kent McCurly – Aidan Taylor Client

Attract The Right People

We make sure you’re found and irresistible when the best prospects search for your solution on the Internet.

Convert Visitors

It’s about unlocking the formula of images, copy, layout, call-to-action, color palette, etc. that successfully encourages visitors to take action upon arrival.

Analyze Visitor Behavior

We use Google Analytics to establish a baseline for visitor behavior, analyze the impact of changes to the website, and predict future behavior.

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  • Web Marketing for NetSuite

    Our average NetSuite client gets a 1,070% boost in qualified leads within the first 60 days.

    If you run an ecommerce site using the Netsuite platform, and you want to double or triple your sales within the next 60 days, but are unsure of the steps you need to take to make that happen, take 5 minutes to download and read through our guide: 3 Secrets to Supercharge Your NetSuite-Based Business
  • Measure & Analyze

    Without the score, it's hard to improve your web marketing. You need us if you can't answer questions like: What percentage of visitors become leads? What percentage of visitors come from search engines? What are the top keywords that deliver traffic? Read more about web marketing.
  • Convert Visitors

    Assuming you have some traffic, first work on converting those visitors to leads or customers. That's the job of your website, and a critical component of web marketing. Once you've established a baseline, test and improve. You should have a minimum of 2 leads per 100 visitors. If you don't, try our website conversion checklist.
  • Build Qualified Traffic

    Once your website is a visitor converting machine, put your focus on building qualified traffic. Today, that's best done through a combination of web marketing activities, which includes a strong content strategy to drive thought leadership and brand curiosity via social media.